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Oncology Marketing Top 10

Top 10 Considerations for Oncology Marketing

From understanding the challenges facing healthcare professionals, to broadening the perspective of patients and continuing to evolve marketing strategies alongside the progression of cancer treatments, these top 10 considerations for oncology marketing are key to understanding the influence of behavioral science and the positive change it can bring across the industry.

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Transforming Drug Development with Big Data Analytics

Pharma has been relying on large clinical databases for years, and as an early adopter of powerful new tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) and complex analytics, the industry is now reaping rewards. Actionable results are being seen across the drug lifecycle including predictive modelling, trial design, personalised medicine and disease pattern analysis. What’s next? This report provides an overview of how big data analytics in pharma is evolving, and shares valuable insights from industry experts.

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Success in Managed Markets: Payer Insights

US expenditure (per capita) on prescription drugs is at an all time high and showing no signs of reversing – so, it’s understandable that payers are totally focused on value. But when ‘value’ means different things to payers and manufacturers sitting on opposite sides of the negotiating table, how can agreement ever be reached? This free FirstWord Perspectives report, presented by Prognos, discusses the various types of value-based contract emerging and offers payer insights into the challenges involved.

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Centralizing Medical Content to Achieve a Single Source of Truth

Medical affairs plays a strategic role as "the voice of life sciences organizations" when communicating accurate clinical data to healthcare professionals. This whitepaper explores the utility of scientific content and how a medical content management solution speeds the creation, approval, and delivery of medical content.

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AGILE IRT: Improving Quality and Efficiency..

Historically, IRT study build processes followed a sequential, waterfall approach that introduced extra costs, time and—most importantly—errors that can affect the ability to launch the study on time or run the study as efficiently as possible. While incremental improvements seen so far in the industry are both welcome and meaningful, it is necessary for a broad change across the industry to fully embrace an agile approach to IRT and the benefits that will ultimately accrue to the sites running studies and their patients. Download our white paper and learn how to improve quality and efficiency in the study build process.

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Embracing Digital Disruption in Pharma for Commercial Success

Tech giants and medical startups are upending healthcare business models faster than ever. Pharma needs to stop fearing digital disruption and start harnessing it for commercial success. Find out how innovative technologies can add value to everything from customer experience to physician engagement to clinical trials. Plus, learn how embracing digital solutions can transform Pharma, how to choose a chief digital officer (CDO) to lead the transition, and how to forge successful partnerships with tech companies.

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Sales outsourcing as a change partner in the pharma industry

The pharma industry is exploring new sales and marketing models to meet modern, multifaceted challenges. Historically, CSOs have provided a flexible, cost-effective means for pharma to adjust. However, given the current state of flux, just how relevant can CSOs be in helping pharma manage such major change? Ashfield, assisted by Dr Beth Rogers, has investigated this issue with 16 senior sales and buying professionals from pharma companies across Europe. Dr Beth Rogers is the author of Rethinking Sales Management and several papers on the outsourcing of sales functions. Download our infographic on pharma evolution and sales outsourcing as a change partner.

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