Despite sales spike, Effient has middling prospects - (Indianapolis Business Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Eli Lilly and Effient development partner Daichii Sankyo posted $72 million in sales of Effient during the second quarter, up from $56 million in the first quarter and $47 million in the fourth quarter of 2010, Indianapolis Business Journal reported Monday.
  • Effient’s accelerating sales is good news for Eli Lilly, which needs new revenue to replace revenue that will be lost to generics when Zyprexa loses patents protection in October.
  • However, analysts at best think Effient will reach $1 billion by 2016, one year before its patent expires.
  • Vince Truax, Eli Lilly’s marketing manager for Effient, noted that efforts to market the drug have focused on two specific groups of patients: Those who are having a heart attack and have a heart rhythm that is elevated at a specific point on an electrocardiogram and the second are diabetics who do not have the elevated rhythm, but do have chest pain or are having a heart attack.
  • “This is a launch in a very narrow set of a patient type. It’s still a significant market. In that context, we feel good about the performance,” Truax said.
  • “Effient’s launch has been disappointing in the US,” Deutsche Bank analyst Barbara Ryan said, adding that “it has also been launched in most major European markets, but faces additional competitive pressures there from widely available generic Plavix products and from the recently approved Plavix alternative from [Astrazeneca’s Brilinta].”

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