Jury rules in Wyeth's favour against two plaintiffs in diet drug cases

A jury has ruled in Wyeth's favour against two plaintiffs who claimed heart-valve injury from the use of the company's diet drug, Pondimin, Forbes and other news sources report.

The ruling comes in Phase II of a bifurcated trial, and Wyeth said that even though the jury had assessed the drugmaker $5.5 million in potential damages during the first phase of the trial, the latest ruling means that Wyeth has no liability in the case, as reported in the news sources.

The plaintiffs, aside from alleging heart valve damage, claimed that Wyeth was negligent in the information it provided about the risk-benefit profile of the drug before its withdrawal, as reported in Forbes. Wyeth withdrew Pondimin, and its other diet drug Redux, from the market in 1997.

In last year's annual report, Wyeth estimated that the final costs for settlements and litigation over the diet drugs would be over $21 billion, as reported in the news sources. Since the withdrawal of the two treatments, about 200,000 people have claimed heart damage from their use.

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