Judge overturns verdict against Wyeth, orders new trial in diet drugs case

A US judge on Thursday overturned a jury verdict that awarded $1.36 million in total compensatory damages to three plaintiffs who claimed that they suffered heart damage from using Wyeth's diet drugs Pondimin and Redux, SmartMoney and MarketWatch report. The judge also ordered a new liability trial.

The drugmaker said that a Philadelphia court set aside the verdict and granted Wyeth's motion for a new trial after the judge determined that testimony from the plaintiffs' only liability expert witness was "inadequate and in violation of the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence," as reported in the news sources. The court said that many of the scientific bases used by the witness were "illogical, inapplicable or employed circular reasoning."

In February, the judge overturned the verdict of a fourth plaintiff in the trial in favour of Wyeth. A jury originally awarded that plaintiff $780,000 in compensatory damages, news sources report.

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