Physician Views: Gauging rheumatologist reaction to new JAK labelling

Following the publication of FDA guidance in September both AbbVie and Pfizer announced updated labelling for their respective JAK inhibitors Rinvoq and Xeljanz last week.

Boxed warnings have been added to all drugs in the class which are now stipulated as second-line therapies for moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis after treatment with at least one TNF inhibitor.

We are snap-polling US rheumatologists to ascertain how updated labelling could impact utilisation of both products, asking them specifically  

  • Whether they currently prescribe Rinvoq and if so in what line of treatment they prescribe it most frequently
  • How the language in a new boxed warning (citing safety concerns with ‘another JAK inhibitor’ – i.e. Xeljanz) will impact their utilisation of Rinvoq from this point forward
  • Whether they anticipate switching any patients currently being prescribed Xeljanz over to Rinvoq based on these labelling changes and if so approximately what percent of patients?
  • Looking ahead approximately what percentage of patients receiving a JAK inhibitor for the first time they anticipate prescribing Rinvoq to instead of other available JAK inhibitor agents
  • Their comfort level prescribing Rinvoq as a second-line therapy for moderate-to-severe RA

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