PreComb Therapeutics and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW have jointly developed AI-based image analysis algorithms for precision medicine

Hombrechtikon, October 8th, 2021

PreComb Therapeutics announces the successful completion of a joint master thesis with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Institute for Applied Simulation (IAS) under the supervision of Dr. Robert Vorburger who has extensive experience in knowledge engineering. The results gained in this master thesis by Thomas Wegmann are of great importance and will be incorporated into the novel 3DTwin technology for the prediction of therapy outcomes in cancer patients.

"We are impressed by the results of this successful master thesis, which are key to our highly standardized and patient-specific 3DTwin drug testing technology. The outcome of this work has brought us a significant step forward in the development of a fully automated tumor profiling device. ", said PreComb’s CTO Olivier Mauti. "With IAS' long and profound experience in knowledge engineering, PreComb has significantly accelerated the development of its core 3DTwin analysis technology to match the best possible therapy for each cancer patient individually."

“PreComb’s predictive 3DTwin technology will play an important role in personalized medicine by providing individually optimized therapies to cancer patients. We are proud to have contributed to this exciting project and to help making the technology accessible to cancer patients.”, said Dr. Robert Vorburger.

“The joint master thesis with PreComb and the ZHAW was an excellent opportunity to develop and apply state-of-the-art image recognition algorithms to automatically quantify microtumors, and thus, make a significant contribution to PreComb's novel 3DTwin technology.”, said Thomas Wegmann, Data Engineer at PreComb.

"We are very pleased with the result of the master thesis and its implementation in our core technology. The robustness and accuracy of the automated analysis is key to providing high quality data to our clinical and research customers.", said Jens Kelm, CEO of PreComb.

About PreComb

PreComb Therapeutics AG is a privately held Swiss biotech company founded in 2018 by Jens M. Kelm, Peter Steiner and Olivier Mauti with the aim of developing technologies that bring precision medicine benefits to all cancer patients. PreComb is pioneering breakthrough technologies to directly test the drug response of individual cancer patients, based on patient-derived 3D microtumors. For the first time, a fully automated point-of-care solution for determining drug sensitivity or resistance directly in the clinic is being developed. This offers the unique ability to routinely test entire portfolios of cancer drugs and drug combinations in large-scale, making the technology a universal tool from drug discovery to guiding therapies. For more information about PreComb Therapeutics, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

About the Institute of Applied Simulation

The Institute for Applied Simulation (IAS) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences offers expertise and applied research and development in the interdisciplinary field of Knowledge Engineering for Life Sciences. The research group Knowledge Engineering develops solutions in the areas of data engineering, exploration, and communication as well as visualization of multivariate data.

In teaching, the IAS offers the master's degree program in Applied Computational Life Sciences and, starting in fall 2022, the new bachelor's degree program in Applied Digital Life Sciences. For more information about the IAS, please visit and or follow us on LinkedIn.

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