U.S. House panel approves fourth bill aimed at drug prices - (Yahoo!News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The US House Judiciary Committee on Thursday voted to approve a fourth bill aimed at tackling high drug prices, approving a measure that would make it easier for biosimilar drugs to come to market, as reported by Yahoo!News.

  • The panel voted Wednesday to send three related bills to the House floor for consideration.

  • The four measures were part of a package introduced in April to help generic versions of drugs come to market. 

  • On Wednesday, the committee voted to enable the Federal Trade Commission to ban sham citizen petitions, in which drug companies petition the FDA about a generic company seeking approval for a rival drug to delay its market entry.

  • The committee also approved a measure to stop product-hopping, the practice of making a minor tweak to the formula of a drug to win a new patent, and another to stop pay-for-delay patent deals.

  • The bills must now be taken up by the full House and Senate.

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