CanSinoBIO to trial combining its COVID vaccine with Russia's Sputnik V dose - (South China Morning Post via NewsPoints Desk)

  • CanSino Biologics may start a clinical trial as early as next month using Russia's Sputnik V vaccine followed by a dose of its own COVID-19 vaccine, as reported South China Morning Post on Friday.

  • Pierre Morgon, senior vice-president at CanSinoBIO, said that the combined use "is something that several countries have been asking for because the Russians have had difficulties in supplying the second dose in sufficient quantities compared to the first dose."

  • While Morgon declined to disclose where the trial would be conducted, he said it would not be in China or Russia.

  • The trial, which will study the combined doses' safety and ability to trigger immune response in adults, has obtained local authorities’ endorsement, pending approval from an ethical committee, he said.

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