Ilya’s Pharma to Present ILP100 Accelerated Wound Healing Gene Therapy at US Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) 2021

Major opportunity to scope ILP100 use in military healthcare and rehabilitation

Uppsala, July 5, 2021: Ilya Pharma, a clinical stage cell and gene therapy company today announced that it has been invited to present its ILP100 accelerated wound healing therapy at the US Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) 2021 to be held 23-26 August at the Gaylord Convention Center in Florida. During Cellular Therapeutics for Treatment of Shock and Trauma session, Ilya will report on how this new-in-class drug candidate of engineered Limosilactobacillus reuteri bacteria produces and releases the key human chemokine CXCL12 at the actual wound site. After delivery, ILP100 enhances the healing properties of immune cells in the wound. Phase I results released earlier this year indicate that ILP100-treated wounds in healthy subjects healed on average 6 days and, for the highest dose, 11 days faster than controls. In addition, scarring was significantly reduced. Ilya has now been granted permission in Sweden to conduct a Phase II trial commencing in Q3 2021.


“We are delighted to have been invited to this medical partnering conference since the US military is widely recognised as a leading supporter of innovative technology and treatments, “says Evelina Vågesjö, Ilya Pharma’s CEO. “ILP100 has been considered for the potential to deliver value in the track back-to-duty and we look forward to discussing the future late-stage developments further at the Conference.”


Notes to editors. 


Ilya Pharma is a clinical stage biopharma, developing novel drug candidates from its propriety technology platform to clinical proof of concept in relevant patient groups with identified unmet medical needs. ILP100 represents both a novel drug delivery technology and a novel investigational new product (IMP) and is classified as an advanced therapy medicinal product by the EMA and as a low risk candidate under the gene therapy umbrella by the FDA. 

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