Official affirms safety of Chinese vaccines - (China Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Zheng Zhongwei, an official with China's National Health Commission, said experimental COVID-19 vaccines developed by Chinese researchers are safe, and ongoing efforts to push for their market approval will strictly follow the rules of science, reported China Daily.

  • He noted that China is conducting Phase III clinical trials for five Chinese-made vaccine candidates overseas and has administered emergency inoculations to nearly 1 million people in the country.

  • "These vaccinations have fully demonstrated the safety of Chinese-made vaccines. There is some adverse reaction, but no severe adverse effect has been reported," he said.

  • Zheng added that while data from late-stage trials are needed to determine the efficacy, results from earlier phases of clinical testing and reports from recipients of emergency inoculations in high-risk countries have already shown the protective effects of these doses.

  • Three inactivated vaccines-two developed by Sinopharm and one by Sinovac-were among the first candidates in the world to begin Phase III trials, according to Zheng.

  • The fourth inactivated vaccine created by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has recently passed ethical reviews in foreign countries and is about to begin the third-stage trial. Late-stage trials of the adenovirus vaccine in Russia, Pakistan and Mexico have enrolled over 20 000 people, and the recombinant protein vaccine is being tested in Uzbekistan, he said.

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