Sweden to have 18m vaccine doses next year: vaccine coordinator - (The Local via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Sweden expects to have as many as 18 million doses of coronavirus vaccine by next year, The Local reported.

  • "If these vaccines work and are safe, it's possible that we will have vaccinated everyone who wants it next year, or at the start of 2022," said the country's vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström.

  • Sweden's government recently announced that it expected to receive 6 million doses, with the option of buying 2 million more, from Astra Zeneca under the company's deal with the EU.

  • "We don't want to use vaccines which don't provide sufficient protection, so there could be a delay until the winter of 2021, or 2022 before everyone can get vaccinated," he said, adding that "we could possibly have some people vaccinated in the first half of next year, with any luck before the summer."

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