Exclusive: Trial of Gilead's potential coronavirus treatment running ahead of schedule, researcher says - (Investing.com via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A key US government trial of Gilead Sciences' experimental coronavirus treatment remdesivir may yield results as early as mid-May, reported Investing.com.

  • Preliminary findings from the randomized trial, begun in February by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), could come  sooner than previously thought, according to lead researcher Andre Kalil.

  • The randomized, placebo-controlled study "has all the necessary scientific standards that are really going to help us define if this drug works or not," said Kalil.

  • Enrollment in the trial closed recently, but has exceeded initial goals of 400 to 500 patients, Kalil said, and while he would not disclose total enrollment, the latest public update says the trial size may exceed 800 patients.

  • The NIAID trial is designed to show whether remdesivir, when given to patients with a range of disease severity, improves outcomes such as length of hospitalization, need for mechanical ventilation and survival.

  • Kalil declined to comment on precisely how much of an improvement on those metrics is needed to deem the trial a success and the drug a viable treatment. "We are looking for not only a statistical difference, but also for a meaningful clinical improvement," he said.

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