Biotech Companies Prep For Gene-Editing, CRISPR, CAR-T In 2019 - (Investor's Business Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to Alexis Borisy, a partner with Third Rock Ventures, biotech companies could leverage immunotherapy, gene-editing and other methods such as CRISPR and CAR-T into treatments for just about any disease by 2019, but only if researchers can identify the aberrations causing those conditions, Investor's Business Daily reported.

  • Meanwhile, ARK Invest analyst Manisha Samy said that next year it is possible the companies involved — Crispr, Editas and Intellia — could provide a look at data from the first clinical trials.

  • Sammy further noted that "allogeneic CAR-T will become the standard of care eventually," adding that "having something ready in a day as opposed to waiting two weeks, that's life or death."

  • Brad Loncar, who manages a portfolio of immunotherapy-focused biotech companies, suggested that gene therapy is "one of two technologies everyone has been talking about for a while."

  • He noted that haemophilia pivotal trials, such as those by Spark and BioMarin Pharmaceuticals in haemophilia A, and UniQure in haemophilia B, "might be finishing up and those might be in front of the FDA," adding that "in gene therapy, one thing we have to see is how it's looking from a commercial standpoint."

  • Biotech companies also expect to push into second-generation versions of immunotherapy drugs to treat cancer, with Jason Tauber, co-portfolio manager of the Neuberger Berman Disrupters All-Cap Growth Portfolio, noting that "despite all the hoopla around immuno-oncology, we're still really in the early innings in terms of targeted therapies."

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