FDA clears Medtronic's app-based remote monitoring system for implantable pacemakers

Medtronic announced Tuesday the FDA approval of the MyCareLink Smart Monitor, which the company said is "the world's first app-based remote monitoring system for patients with implantable pacemakers."

Darrell Johnson, Medtronic's vice president of the Connected Care business in the Cardiac and Vascular Group, said "the use of smart technology continues to grow among people of all ages, and especially among people over 65 which is the age range of the majority of our pacemaker patients." Johnson added the monitor is "the first of many innovative solutions we are developing that leverage smart technology to increase patient engagement."

According to the device maker, the monitor enables patients with a Medtronic pacemaker to use their own smartphone or tablet technology, with cellular or Wi-Fi service, to transmit data from their pacemakers to their doctors via the Medtronic CareLink Network. The monitor, which has been launched, features a handheld portable device reader, prescribed by a physician, and the MyCareLink Smart mobile app.

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