Philips reveals connected digital-health app for type 1 diabetes

Philips and Radboud University's medical centre on Tuesday introduced a connected digital-health prototype app, initially focused on patients with type 1 diabetes. The parties said the system, built on Philips' cloud-based HealthSuite platform, features a mobile app and online community, and "is the first to collect and connect data from electronic medical records, multiple personal health devices, including wireless glucose metres and activity monitors, and patient self-reported data."

Specifically, the app provides patients continuous access to parameters, such as blood glucose levels and insulin use, while the secure online community allows patients to gain feedback from their care team. Jeroen Tas, Philips' chief executive of Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, remarked that "our system allows sharing of data and experiences in one community, where they can collaborate with fellow patients and their care teams in a secure environment." Tas added that the system "is enabling fully integrated health management and care delivery in a new, connected, efficient and highly patient-centric way."

The prototype, which is being co-developed in partnership with Salesforce, will undergo a pilot release by the end of the year, with the parties adding that they also plan to introduce similar connected-care solutions for other chronic conditions.

Thibaut Sevestre, senior director of eco-system management at Philips, suggested the company's focus on type 1 diabetes is unique in a market that is largely focused on type 2. However, he said the app may eventually be broadened to include more aspects relevant to type 2 diabetes. Further, Sevestre indicated that the platform is also open for other partners or startups to develop spinoffs.

Last October, Philips and Radboud unveiled a wearable diagnostic prototype designed to support patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Meanwhile, earlier this month, Philips announced that it would introduce a series of personal health programmes intended to help people manage their health in "a new era [of] connected care."

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