Drug companies call for overhaul of NHS cost-benefit evaluations - (Financial Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • The Financial Times reported Sunday that drugmakers are calling for an overhaul of the way medicines are evaluated for use in the NHS, which is expected to announce the removal of some medicines from the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).
  • The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry's director of value and access Paul Catchpole said the delisting of drugs from the CDF highlighted the need for reform of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.
  • Rising demand and prices have reportedly caused cost over-runs for the CDF, prompting the expected decision to cut some of the 42 drugs in the fund to bring costs under control and make room for new drugs.
  • Catchpole noted that "such a re-evaluation process would not be necessary in the first place if NICE quickly evolves the way it evaluates cancer medicines as part of more fundamental reforms."
  • Eisai's breast cancer drug Halaven is expected to be dropped from the CDF, according to the news source.
  • Meanwhile, Sanofi said it was "shocked and disappointed" by the delisting of its prostate cancer drug Jevtana.

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